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I'm looking for a jQuery solution for this. When I click, let's say on a artist name. Theirs another div beside that has the information showing up. (possibly in a animation/fading way)

Can anyone help?

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Link and Info Within Physical Proximity

Use this method if your artist link and artist info is within physical proximity (i.e., sibling in the DOM). Let's say you have:

<a ... class="artistInfo">Artist name</a>
<div class="artistInfo"> .... shown on link click </div>

... repeat

Then use:

$('div.artistInfo').hide(); // Initially hide info
$('a.artistLink').click(function() { // Show on click

next() is used to avoid wrapping each link-info set in "per-artist" container. Thus, you should be able to have multiple "sets" of link-plus-info in the same page.

Link and Info in Different Places

When there is no physical proximity between the link and tha info, you will need some sort of identifiers from the link to the info*. E.g.,

<a ... class="artistLink" id="artistLink-1">Artist name</a>


<div class="artistInfo" id="artistInfo-1"> .... shown on link click </div>

You can now:

$('div.artistInfo').hide(); // Initially hide all infos
$('a.artistLink').click(function() { // Show on click (by reference)
    var n = $(this).attr('id').substring(11); // Remove "artistLink-"
    $('#artistInfo' + n).fadeIn();

*) Note: You could use the DOM index if links and infos are ordered similarly. I.e., the nth <a> element corresponds to the n info element.

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This seems to work for me. But the titles and the information isn't gonna be in the same div. 2 different positions of the page. And their's more then one artist. How can I add more artists and information without it messing up? Im OP –  omnix Jun 11 '10 at 12:18
@Lj Tyson Edited –  jensgram Jun 11 '10 at 14:09

Use the .html method of jquery

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If by 'beside' you mean it is the very next sibling, you can use next:

$(".artist").click(function() {

<span class="artist">Foo and the Jackals</span>
<div>some content</div>

<span class="artist">Jeff and the misshapen lunatics</span>
<div>some content</div>


slideToggle will "Display or hide the matched elements with a sliding motion.".

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There can be a number of ways to do this. But then it actually depends on how exactly you want it. one possible way can be use of fadeIn method on a hidden DIV.

<div class='box' style="display:none;"> <p> Artist Description </p> </div>

<p id='abcd'>Artist Name</p>

for example on this code use this jquery

jQuery('#abcd').click(function(){ jQuery('.box').fadeIn(); });

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