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I have created a Maven project with the following structure:

+ root-project
  pom.xml (pom)
  + sub-projectA (jar)
  + sub-projectB (jar)

I have done the following steps:

  1. mvn archetype:create – –DartifactId=root-project
  2. mvn archetype:create – –DartifactId=sub-projectA
  3. mvn archetype:create – –DartifactId=sub-projectB

So I have, obviously, in the top-level pom.xml the following elements:


The last step was:

mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse

Now if I import the root-project in Eclipse, it seems to look at my projects as resources and not like java projects.

However if I import each of child projects sub-projectA and sub-projectB, it looks them like java projects.

This is a big problem for me because I have a deeper hierarchy. Any help would be appreciated!

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The maven eclipse plugin does NOT support nested projects so you can't import the root-project and the nested modules (unless you move to a flat layout).

The alternative is to use m2eclipse (and you won't have any problems with a maven-typical nested tree). This is the preferred approach nowadays.

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The link to m2eclipse is not working. Do you have an updated link? The link I find after searching is not working as you described. – pkrish Mar 19 '15 at 4:04

Please follow these simple step's to configure project

1.)download project from maven project

2.)inside ch-multi-spring->simple-parent

convert simple-parent to eclipse project using this command

mvn eclipse:eclipse

3.)import sample-parent in eclipse.

4.)For ruuning this project

right click on simple-webapp->properties->deployment assemblly->project->
Then add all the dependent project.

5.Now you can run this project.

This worked for me.

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