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I am testing my app on my jailbreaked iPhone and i noticed something strange.

When i want to uninstall it on device i got no cross to delete the app. All the other apps (not mines) have the white circled cross. Whereas on the simulator i am able to delete my app.

Is it because i run it on a jailbreak with a codesign workaround?

Or maybe i am missing something in the app plist.

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I haven't written any app with a codesign workaround, since I have valid license, but it makes sense that you can't delete it on the fly. None of the Cydia installed apps have a white cross to delete. Maybe you can try CyDelete this enables to delete Cydia apps from your home screen. Or look into your Cydia packages list if it's in there

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hi hecta, indeed i found my app in Cydia/packages. thx for the answer mate Wallou Bye –  wallou Jun 11 '10 at 13:46

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