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I use NAT (Node Auto Term) to associate a content type with a vocabulary. Then I'm using that generated and sync'd vocabulary to create relationships with other content types. Within the Views UI, is there a method for finding that generated Term for any given Node? I've tried the "NAT: Nid" relationship, but that doesn't seem to return what I'm looking for.

Here's a little more detail:

I have two content types, Services ("parent") and Programs ("children"). Services has a NAT sync configured. Programs get "tagged" with terms from that generated Services vocabulary.

On my Services Node display, I'd like to write a view that lists the Programs that have been tagged with that Service. Within Views, I know the services.NID... but how do I find the corresponding TID so that I can find the related nodes?

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Never used NAT, but in your use case i'd rather use cck node reference. On the other hand, have you tried posting a support request on the issue queue ?

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I have other uses for the taxonomy terms beyond the use case I described; also, in my "hierarchy" a child can have multiple parents -- not a strict 1:1 relationship. I'll check out the issue queue. –  bryanbuchs Jun 14 '10 at 14:07

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