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I have a RadioGroup and two RadioButtonField added in a VerticalFieldManager. I want put an EditField for the first RadioButtonField horizontally. For ex: I have two RadioButtonField as "Enter number here:" otherwise user can choose "Number from existing Database:" in the second RadioButtonsField. In the first field "Enter number here:" i need provide an EditField horizontally next to first RadioButtonField, for him to type. I am trying to put an EditField horizoally but it doesn't show EditField horizonatally to the first RadioButtonField. May i know how to do that (or) any samples to do that?


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Here's what I would do. Create a HorizontalFieldManager to hold your first RadioButtonField and your EditField. Then put this HorizontalFieldManager into your VerticalFieldManager so it will look something like this

VerticalFieldManager vert = new VerticalFieldManager();
HorizontalFieldManager line = new HorizontalFieldManager();
RadioButtonField btn1 = new RadioButtonField();
BasicEditField editField = new BasicEditField();
RadioButtonField btn2 = new RadioButtonField();
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Hi Jonathan, Thanks. But it is NOT coming to me as expected, it is still showing EditField after the RadioGroup is placed. May i know how do you add EditField position in this case? Thanks. – Getsy Jun 10 '10 at 18:38
You don't use RadioButtonGroup() to add your RadioButtonField ? I was just wondering how does it work? – Getsy Jun 10 '10 at 18:51

I resolved it by overriding the Layout concept mentioned as per the following link:

Thanks to all.

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