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I've found several posts on hubFS of people asking if there is, or will be, offline documentation for F#. These posts haven't been answered. So I want to give it a shot and ask the same question here on SO.

Where I've looked for offline documentation so far:


Does anyone know whether any "official" offline documentation is on the way, anytime soon?

(And related to this, even tough it might be hard to answer objectively: Would it be reasonable to expect that F# won't undergo ECMA or ISO standardization, ie. there likely won't be a standards document describing the language?)

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Doesn't directly answer the question but the F# language specifications are here:

These links are taken from the F# team blog post "Updated F# Language Specification for F# 3.0 Now Available".

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Apparently, it is now: https://github.com/Microsoft/visualfsharpdocs

I'm hoping this will easily convert to a Dash docset or that there's some local-hosting solution for snappy offline indexing and search.

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