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Is it possible to have a datetime scale not consider weekends as part of the time continuum? For instance, if I am plotting stock prices over a 2 week period with a line geometry, I do not want to plot a 2 day period of flattness during the weekend. I would like friday to connect with Monday.

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I imagine that there's a better way, but you could always just use an index for the plot and then assign the dates as labels afterwards:

p <- qplot(1:3, 1:3, geom='line') 
p + scale_x_continuous("", breaks=1:3, labels = as.Date(c("2010-06-03", "2010-06-04", "2010-06-07")))
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That's the only way I'm aware of. – hadley Jun 11 '10 at 1:41

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