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Trying the -v switch, I get the parrot svn revision:

$ perl6 -v
This compiler is built with the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, parrot revision 45822.

but how do I know the rakudo version, either a vx.xx or {some-git-hash}?


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Currently you can't know :(

There's a patch for that in RT that awaits review: but so far it hasn't been applied yet.

Update: With a sufficiently new Rakudo, you get:

$ perl6 -v

This is Rakudo Perl 6, version 2010.06-212-g1086ff8

Copyright 2008-2010, The Perl Foundation

Where the thing after "version" is the git describe output.

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perl6 -v now works. It provides the last monthly release, the number of commits since then, and the git hash.

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