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I'm using Searchlogic to search on many fields in a database. One of those fields is a :has_may, :through => relationship, and I can't get it to work.

Here are the relevant parts of the models:


class Source < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :authorships
  has_many :authors, :through => :authorships


class Authorship < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :source
  belongs_to :author


class Author < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :authorships
  has_many :sources, :through => :authorships

Then, in my view, I have:

<% form_for @search do |f| %>
  <fieldset><legend>Search the Online Medieval Sources Bibliography</legend>

    <% f.fields_for @search.conditions do |sources| %>
      <%= sources.hidden_field :live_not_null %>

        Text Name:
         <%= sources.text_field :text_name_like, :size => 95 %>      <br />
        <% sources.fields_for :author do |authors| %>
          Medieval Author:
          <%= authors.text_field :name_like, :size => 90 %>
        <% end %>  <br />
        Modern Editor/Translator:    
     <%= sources.text_field :editor_like, :size => 80 %>         <br />
    <% end %>
  <%= f.submit "Search" %>
<% end %>

The search page loads just fine, but hitting the "submit" button gives me the following error:

 Searchlogic::Search::UnknownConditionError in SourcesController#index

The author is not a valid condition. You may only use conditions that map to a named scope

Here is the code from SourcesController:

class SourcesController < ApplicationController

 def index
  query = if params[:search] then 
   @search =
   @sources = @search.all

And here are the parameters:

Parameters: {"commit"=>"Search", "search"=>{"hash"=>{"text_name_like"=>"canterbury", "date_begin_greater_than_or_equal"=>"", "author"=>{"name_like"=>""}, "editor_like"=>"", "link_not_blank"=>"0", "trans_none_not_null"=>"0", "trans_other_not_null"=>"0", "trans_english_not_null"=>"0", "trans_french_not_null"=>"0", "region_like"=>"", "live_not_null"=>"", "app_facsimile_not_null"=>"0", "date_end_less_than_or_equal"=>""}, "order"=>""}}

Does anyone have any ideas about what is happening here? Do you need to see more of the error message?

Many thanks!

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So, if the error is in SourcesController#index, why don't you paste the code from there, also with the parameters received from that controller? – Vlad Zloteanu Jun 11 '10 at 10:25
Hi, Vlad! I have added that information to my question. Thanks! – Gwendydd Jun 22 '10 at 23:56

I too have come across this limitation on searchlogic. there is a 'hack' of a solution that i got. its simple really. search for items you looking for on the join model. this will give you the ids of the models that have that search. this is a bit quirky but its the closest solution i could offer you. hope this helps. :)

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