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Im having a little trouble in referencing indexes in arrays in Smarty. I believe that it is because the variable I am using as the index is a string. How may I cast this string as a integer within the template?


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... Seriously? After all the work Smarty has done to pull the presentation out of PHP, you now want to dump the logic into it?! – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jun 10 '10 at 21:36
Im looking for a answer, not a troll. Thanks. – lafoaug Jun 10 '10 at 21:38
Can you show some sample code - its a little hard to understand exactly what you're trying to do – thetaiko Jun 10 '10 at 21:39
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The documentation shows many usage examples, especially with regards to accessing array elements.

{$foo}        <-- displaying a simple variable (non array/object)
{$foo[4]}     <-- display the 5th element of a zero-indexed array
{$}    <-- display the "bar" key value of an array, similar to PHP $foo['bar']
{$foo.$bar}   <-- display variable key value of an array, similar to PHP $foo[$bar]
{$foo[bar]}   <-- syntax only valid in a section loop, see {section}
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If I correctly understand the question, {$variable|intval}

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yepp, that´s it. Since you can use any php function, you can also use intval. (Although I must admit I first thought about how to use (int)$s in smarty) – Zsolt Szilagy Dec 3 '14 at 15:51
@ZsoltSzilagy But is this better than (int)$var? If so, why? – Gui Imamura Sep 1 '15 at 20:29

I believe that it is because the variable I am using as the index is a string

I don't agree with that belief:

$arr = array('a');
$i = '0';
echo $arr[$i]; // echos a

I think the problem lies elsewhere. If you have further questions, you should include some of your code.

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If it's already assigned to a variable, say $var, you can set the type of a variable like this:

{$converted = settype ($var, 'integer')}

You don't have to use the $converted value, but if you don't assign it, the bool will show up in your page.

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since i am not allowed to comment (doh), i will just say that @webbiedave code is correct in php, but in smarty it doesnt work. i have just spent too much time trying to figure it out why i am not accessing data from array in template, and i found out that i had array with integer keys and the parameter which i used for key in smarty was string, so it wasnt working as expected. i solved it like that:

<!--{debug says}
    {$item}=> Array (2)      
      name=> "lalala"
      id => "123"

    {$arrays} => Array (7)
       123=> Array (3)
          other_part_i_care=> "bebebe"
{$arrays[$].other_part_i_care}  <!--this doesnt return anything-->

{assign var='item_id' value=$}  <!--my guess here it gets interpreted as int -->
{$arrays[$item_id].other_part_i_care}  <!--this return expected outcome-->
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