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I'm creating a plot and adding a basic loess smooth line to it.

qplot(Age.GTS2004., X.d18O,data=deepsea, geom=c('point')) + 
geom_smooth(method="loess",se=T,span=0.01, alpha=.5, fill='light blue',color='navy')

The problem is that the line is coming out really choppy. I need more evaluation point for the curve in certain areas. Is there a way to increase the number of evaluation points without having to reconstruct geom_smooth?

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I'm not sure I understand your question correctly, but have you tried adjusting span? –  Roman Luštrik Jun 11 '10 at 7:27
Span controls the smoothness; a typical span is more like 0.7. Why are you setting it so low? –  Aniko Jun 11 '10 at 13:34
Because at one end I have thousands of points and at the other only dozens. One I need to see the detail at the one end, which is not coming out since there are not enough points that make up the smoothed line. It only shows about 25 points but I need about 500 points where the smoothed loess curve is evaluated. –  Andrew Redd Jun 16 '10 at 20:31

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Use the n parameter, as documented in stat_smooth.

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Hadley: The documentation leads people astray. geom_smooth does not document that it accepts parameters on behalf of stat_smooth, nor is there any link on that page to stat_smooth for continued reading.

I figured the parameter was buried on some other help page, but I landed here to clue in where.

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