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We're going to investigate GWT for our project. When searching for an Eclipse GWT plugin I got many.

  1. Google Eclipse Plugin
  2. GWT Designer
  3. Cypal studio
  4. None, run GWT in hosted mode
  5. GWT-Tooling
  6. Other?

In your view, what is the best GWT plugin for Eclipse and why?

[27 Nov: Editied to reflect the answers below...]

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Why are you asking all of these oppinion questions ? – Geo Nov 19 '08 at 14:27
Not only opinion, but dated. In 6 months, this question would be irrelevant. – Kieveli Nov 27 '08 at 20:20
@Charade. I can research all the plugins I can find. This will probably take me a couple of days / weeks. Or, I can ask this question and get an almost immediate answer from somebody who has worked with a plugin and thought it was the best. Two people... three, counting a friend. That saves me days. – Johan Pelgrim Nov 30 '08 at 20:12

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alt text

Google Plugin for Eclipse

What would be a better & free Eclipse GWT plugin than the one coming from Google itself? It even supports both:

  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google App Engine

I've been looking at the progress of GWT Tooling and Cypal Studio, but both seems to be dormant. My guess is that they are conceding VS Google Plugin for Eclipse.

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I don't know if people in this question have seen or not, but Google has come out with their own plug in for Eclipse. Take a look:


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GWT Designer fits the bill perfectly. If not Eclipse, then even Netbeans plugin for GWT is also good.

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It should be noticed that Instantiations - which makes GWT Designer, was bought by Google. So its likely to solve the GEP (which is awful when you do Maven stuff) – aldrinleal Sep 2 '10 at 3:26

None of the listed. Run it in hosted mode straight from Eclipse.

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I've not looked since a few months but GWT designer was very good.

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From my experience with GWT (about 9 months worth of non-stop development with the framework), in the end you'll still be stuck a lot of the time trying to pinpoint various bugs and erroneous behaviors which will appear.

So a plugin is nice, but won't save you most of the work.

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Google has now its own plug-in for GWT development. Tutorial: http://www.vogella.de/articles/GWT/article.html

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Also, GWT Plugin from Cypal Studio and Googlipse are both one and the same. Have a look at this.

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Thanks. I removed Googlipse, because that seems to be dead... – Johan Pelgrim Nov 27 '08 at 20:15

I used no gwt plugin to develop gwt application in eclipse. (just as easy)

  • com.google.gwt.dev.GWTShell (GWT host) activated by *.launch directly in eclipse
  • com.google.gwt.dev.Compiler to compile gwt java code to javascript for the war file.

But for new project i want to try it with a plugin.

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I use Netbeans Free-Form project for developing GWT application. This kind of Netbeans project use ant for managing your project. an example

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DON'T use the designer plugin. The most recent update (8.1.1 at the time of this post) contains buttons that allow the user to add elements that are incompatible with IE, for instance CellTable, DeckPanel, HorizontalPanel and VerticalPanel.

This means whoever uses the plugin, uses it entirely at their peril. If IE7 tries to pull in these elements, it will load a partial page but fail to load components that use these elements. IE8 may not be able to load the application at all.

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Cypal 1.0 is the best free plugin out there for eclipse, as it makes gwt file creating and management very simple. it also organizes your xml file(s) quite neatly for you. Unfortunately, cypal 2.0 has been in alpha for over a year now and i dont know if the developers are going to continue with it :(. gwt designer is the best commercial on i've seen out there, as it simplifies designing of your web app. although really simple to use, gwt designer sucks at runtime, especially when you're working with large datasets. hence, although quite nice to use, it's not worth the price

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