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I'm currently resorting to first doing a get_xpath_count, and then creating a loop incrementing an index variable, which in turn I inject back into the original xpath to select the nth result... very awkward no doubt.

Is there some simple, direct, elegant way to iterate directly over the xpath results?


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We are using the same approach. :)

So if there is a better solution then i'd like to see it too... But i don't think there is.

Alas, if you comment the stuff well enough it's not that bad... :)

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What I'm doing is to use the HtmlAgility pack in c# and read in the full source and apply the xpath which then returns a nodelist

I can iterrate over. You can even try using linq if you want.

I appreciate I'm sidestepping selenium but it was convenient at the time.

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Your approach is probably the simplest way of achieving your goal, however it's slightly more elegant in Selenium 2 (WebDriver). An example in Java is below:

List<WebElement> links = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//a"));
for (WebElement link : links) {

This would output the link text for every link on the page to the console.

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