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I've an Xml file like

   <Element Val="8" /> 
   <Element Val="10" /> 
   <Element Val="12" /> 
   <Element Val="14" /> 
   <Element Val="16" /> 
   <Element Val="9" /> 
   <Element Val="11" /> 
   <Element Val="13" /> 
   <Element Val="15" /> 
   <Element Val="17" /> 

i need to read the attribute value of" Val" and convert it to Int32 , then sort and then add to the list

now i'm using like:

  List<Int32> lst = (XDocument.Load("\\Sample.xml").Descendants("Element").Select(l_Temp => l_Temp.Attribute("Val").Value.ToString()).Cast<Int32>().OrderBy(nTemp => nTemp)).ToList();

but its not working properly

please give me a better solution

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In future, please give more details than "it's not working properly". Would you take your car to the garage and say "it's not working properly" and expect them to be able to fix it without knowing anything else? No, you'd say what was actually happening. Do the same for developer questions (whether here or elsewhere). – Jon Skeet Jun 11 '10 at 6:06
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First let's reformat the code a bit so we can actually see what's going on:

List<Int32> lst = XDocument.Load("\\Sample.xml")
                     .Select(l_Temp => l_Temp.Attribute("Val").Value.ToString())
                     .OrderBy(nTemp => nTemp)

Now, your Select clause is selecting a sequence of strings - although the ToString call is unnecessary as XAttribute.Value is already a string.

You're then trying to use Cast<Int32> to convert those strings into integers. That's not what Cast<T>() does. It only performs reference an unboxing conversions. Fortunately, XAttribute has an explicit conversion to int which makes all of this much simpler:

List<Int32> lst = XDocument.Load("\\Sample.xml")
                           .Select(l_Temp => (Int32) l_Temp.Attribute("Val"))
                           .OrderBy(nTemp => nTemp)
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Hi Jon. What do you mean with "It only performs reference an unboxing conversions" – chiccodoro Jun 11 '10 at 6:11
+1 @ Jon Skeet Thank you – Thorin Oakenshield Jun 11 '10 at 6:16


I think, this will help u..

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There's absolutely no need to use a schema file here. – Jon Skeet Jun 11 '10 at 6:09

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