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Given a specific width, I want to find out the height of a QTextDocument. In other words, if the QTextEdit that contains the QTextDocument is w wide, what is its minimum height h in order to fully display the document without the need for scrollbars?

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Set the width for the QTextDocument object to your desired with and then call the function size().height(), this should return the height required for the width you have give it before. Have a look at the size() function documentation of QTextDocument class.

Hope it helps.

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Note: if your QTextDocument is inside of a QTextEdit showing html, and your goal is to find a height for the QTextEdit, it may be better to use QTextEdit.document().setPageSize( QSizeF( w, veryLargeH ) ), as opposed to QTextEdit.document().setTextWidth( w ) described above. –  Dave Jan 25 at 0:54

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