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I have an audio file in .3gp format on my Android device which I wish to upload to YouTube. I know that YouTube is a video upload site and that I need to convert this sound file to video.

I just want an image to display all the time the audio is playing.

Google tells me there are number of tools that can help me. But I want to do this via java code from my Android device.

Please help.


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I thought the 3gp format supported video too? I am sure I had an old phone that stored all it's sound, video and camera files as 3gp. – graham.reeds Jun 14 '10 at 9:41
so are you saying I can upload a 3gp audio directly onto YouTube and it will not know the difference? :) – Samuh Jun 14 '10 at 9:58
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There are tools such as FFMPEG available for free that allow you to, essentially, mix and convert heterogenous streams. That is you can add a bitmap to a video, create video from slide shows and then add sound etc. (See a related question I asked here).

These programs can be executed from within java applications by making Runtime.exec(..) calls.

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Sun has an example for stitching multiple JPEGs together into a movie, you can find it here. You should be able to take this example, (its fairly robust), and add what you need to it.

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I recommend looking into the Java Media Framework (FAQ)

You can find a vast collection of sample applets/code at the Sun Solutions page. You can find the API on this page. I do hope this is compatible on the Android platform, as I haven't had any personal experience developing for it. But it might be a good place to start.

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