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PCMEF is an architecture style presented in the book Practical Software Engineering by Maciaszek and Liong. The layers are:

P: Presentation
C: Controller
M: Mediator
E: Entity
F: Foundation.

It is some kind of enchancement compared with MVC - architecture. I recommend it to interactice, data and communicating - oriented purposes. I have programmed it using Visual Prolog. Foundation in my applications is the data model (domains) for the application.

PCMEF is like a simulated computer: Presentation is the display, Controller the user interface and event handling, Mediator the internal logic and data highway. Entity is the database or external interfaces and F defines the knowledge.

This is a really nice small architecture. Does any other have experiance of it?

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Discussion = community wiki, please. –  Frank Shearar Jun 12 '10 at 14:53

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