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i try to do project about control model in blender by using p5 glove ,but i don't know how to connect it with blender game engine

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as you want to transfere information form p5 gloves to blender you need to transfere such info. via a protocol acting as listener to a specific port to listen for incoming data that comes form p5 glove ..

the most common used protocol is called OSC (Open Sound Contol)


see this link it will be so helpful ..

download their example "motion2blender" and you will get happy

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You can use "VRPN" which is an indication to the Virtual Reality Peripherals

Networks that works as simple network of client and server, where the connection between

your peripherals and the software that acts as client for accepting the transfered data

has to be done through the server

see this http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/vrpn/vrpn_support.html

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