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I would like to assign a value in a class property dynamically (that is referring to it using a variable).

#Something like: 
setPropValue($obj, $propName, $value);
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$obj->$propName = $value;
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Like this?

$myClass = new stdClass();
$myProp = 'foo';
$myClass->$myProp = 'bar';
echo $myClass->foo; // bar
echo $myClass->$myProp; // bar
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In case you want to do this for static members, you can use variable variables:

class Foo
    public static $foo = 'bar';

// regular way to get the public static class member
echo Foo::$foo; // bar

// assigning member name to variable
$varvar = 'foo';
// calling it as a variable variable
echo Foo::$$varvar; // bar

// same for changing it
Foo::$$varvar = 'foo';
echo Foo::$$varvar; // foo
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+1 This is probably the first time variable variables didn't hurt my eyes. –  Artefacto Jun 11 '10 at 15:21
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