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I'm working with FitNesse and the first time trying with Suite. I had my test scripts in many parts as I was receiving Jave Heap errors.

Now I'd thought try using suites.

I have a Fitnesse module that load many variables. This module was included in each Part of the suite so I tried to use this variable module just at the beginning of the suite using the !see function.

Unfortunatly the variables aren't stored and used for the pages in the suite.

How can I pass down the variables? eg. the variables from VariablesSetUp do not pass down to the other pages.

!see .FitNesse.VariablesSetUp
!see .FitNesse.TestDate1
!see .FitNesse.TestDate2
!see .FitNesse.TestDate3

This is a bit tricky to explain; let me know if I haven't made myself clear.


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Welcome to Stack Overflow!

I think you want to use the !include markup. Using !include -c PagePath will insert the given page (!define values and all) into the current one.

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