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I am trying to extract information from the call log of the android. I am getting the call date that is one month back from the actual time of call. I mean to say that the information extracted by my code for the date of call is one mont back than the actual call date.

I have the following in the Emulator:

I saved a contact. Then I made a call to the contact.


I have 3 ways of extracting call Date information but getting the same wrong result. My code is as follows:

/*  Make the query to call log content */
Cursor callLogResult = context.getContentResolver().query(
    CallLog.Calls.CONTENT_URI, null, null,  null, null);

int columnIndex =  callLogResult.getColumnIndex(Calls.DATE);
Long timeInResult = callLogResult.getLong(columnIndex);

/* Method 1 to change the milliseconds obtained to the readable date formate */
            Time time = new Time();

String callDate= time.monthDay+"-"+time.month+"-"+time.year;

/*  Method 2 for extracting the date from tha value read from the column */

           Calendar calendar =  Calendar.getInstance();
           String  Month = calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH) ;

/* Method 3 for extracting date from the result obtained  */

          Date date = new Date(timeInResult);
          String mont = date.getMonth()

While using the Calendar method , I also tried to set the DayLight SAving Offset but it didnot worked,

      int DST_OFFSET = calendar.get(  Calendar.DST_OFFSET );   // DST_OFFSET

      Boolean isSet = calendar.getTimeZone().useDaylightTime();

      calendar.set(Calendar.DST_OFFSET , 0);

      int reCheck = calendar.get(Calendar.DST_OFFSET );

But the value is not set to 0 in recheck. I am getting the wrong month value by using this also.

Please some one help me where I am wrong? or is this the error in emulator ??

Thanks, Nishant Kumar Engineering Student

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Calandar's months are from 0 to 11 You need to add 1 to the month Caladar is giving you. I know, this is strange.

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Try new Date(timeInResult);

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