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Is it somehow possible to extract .cab files in python?

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I had the same problem last week so I implemented this in python. Comments, additions and especially pull requests welcome:

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Oddly, the msilib can only create or append to .CAB files, but not extract them. :(

However, the hachoir-parser can apparently read & edit Cabinets. (I have not used it, though, so I couldn't tell you how fitting it is or not!)

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Not strictly answering what you asked, but if you are running on a windows platform you could spawn a process to do it for you.

Taken from Wikipedia:

Microsoft Windows provides two command-line tools for creation and extraction of CAB files. They are MAKECAB.EXE (included within Windows packages such as 'ie501sp2.exe' and 'orktools.msi'; also available from the SDK, see below) and EXTRACT.EXE (included on the installation CD), respectively. Windows XP also provides the EXPAND.EXE command.

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