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Not quite sure if it is ok to do this but, my question is: Is there something wrong with my code ? It doesn't go as fast as I would like, and since I am using lots of async workflows maybe I am doing something wrong. The goal here is to build something that can crawl 20 000 pages in less than an hour.

    open System
    open System.Text
    open System.Net
    open System.IO
    open System.Text.RegularExpressions
    open System.Collections.Generic
    open System.ComponentModel
    open Microsoft.FSharp
    open System.Threading
    //This is the Parallel.Fs file

    type ComparableUri ( uri: string ) = 

        inherit System.Uri( uri )

        let elts (uri:System.Uri) = 
            uri.Scheme, uri.Host, uri.Port, uri.Segments

        interface System.IComparable with 
            member this.CompareTo( uri2 ) = 
                compare (elts this) (elts(uri2 :?> ComparableUri))

        override this.Equals(uri2) = 
            compare this (uri2 :?> ComparableUri ) = 0

        override this.GetHashCode() = 0 

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////Functions to retrieve html string//////////////////////////////
    let mutable error = Set.empty<ComparableUri>
    let mutable visited = Set.empty<ComparableUri>

    let getHtmlPrimitiveAsyncDelay (delay:int) (uri : ComparableUri)  =
                    let req =  (WebRequest.Create(uri)) :?> HttpWebRequest

                    // 'use' is equivalent to ‘using’ in C# for an IDisposable

                    do! Async.Sleep(delay * 250)
                    let! resp =    (req.AsyncGetResponse())
                    Console.WriteLine(uri.AbsoluteUri+" got response after delay "+string delay)
                    use stream = resp.GetResponseStream()
                    use reader = new StreamReader(stream)
                    let html = reader.ReadToEnd()
                    return html
                | _ as ex -> Console.WriteLine( ex.ToString() ) 
                             lock error (fun () -> error<- error.Add uri )
                             lock visited (fun () -> visited<-visited.Add uri )
                             return "BadUri"

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////Active Pattern Matching to retreive href//////////////////////////////

    let (|Matches|_|) (pat:string) (inp:string) =
        let m = Regex.Matches(inp, pat)
        // Note the List.tl, since the first group is always the entirety of the matched string.
        if m.Count > 0
        then Some (List.tail [ for g in m -> g.Value ])
        else None

    let (|Match|_|) (pat:string) (inp:string) =
        let m = Regex.Match(inp, pat) 
        // Note the List.tl, since the first group is always the entirety of the matched string.
        if m.Success then 
            Some (List.tail [ for g in m.Groups -> g.Value ])
    ///////////////////////////////////////////////Find Bad  href//////////////////////////////

    let isEmail (link:string) = 

    let isMailto (link:string) = 
        if Seq.length link >=6 then 
            link.[0..5] = "mailto"

    let isJavascript (link:string) = 
         if Seq.length link >=10 then 
            link.[0..9] = "javascript"

    let isBadUri (link:string) = 

    let isEmptyHttp (link:string) = 

    let isFile (link:string)=
         if Seq.length link >=6 then 
            link.[0..5] = "file:/"

    let containsPipe (link:string) = 

    let isAdLink (link:string) = 
          if Seq.length link >=6 then 
            link.[0..5] = "adlink"
          elif Seq.length link >=9 then 
            link.[0..8] = "http://adLink"

///////////////////////////////////////////////Find Bad  href//////////////////////////////

    let getHref (htmlString:string) = 

        let urlPat = "href=\"([^\"]+)"

        match htmlString with 
        | Matches urlPat urls -> urls |> List.map( fun href -> match href with 
                                                               | Match (urlPat) (link::[]) -> link
                                                               | _ -> failwith "The href was not in correct format, there was more than one match" )

        | _ -> Console.WriteLine( "No links for this page" );[] 
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isEmail link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isMailto link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isJavascript link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isBadUri link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isEmptyHttp link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isFile link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(containsPipe link) )
        |> List.filter( fun link -> not(isAdLink link) )

    let treatAjax (href:System.Uri)  = 
        let link = href.ToString()
        let firstPart = (link.Split([|"#"|],System.StringSplitOptions.None)).[0]
        new Uri(firstPart)

    //only follow pages with certain extnsion or ones with no exensions
    let followHref (href:System.Uri) = 

        let valid2 = set[".py"]
        let valid3 = set[".php";".htm";".asp"]
        let valid4 = set[".php3";".php4";".php5";".html";".aspx"]

        let arrLength = href.Segments |> Array.length
        let lastExtension = (href.Segments).[arrLength-1] 
        let lengthLastExtension = Seq.length lastExtension

        if (lengthLastExtension <= 3)  then 
            not( lastExtension.Contains(".") )
            //test for the 2 case
            let last4 = lastExtension.[(lengthLastExtension-1)-3..(lengthLastExtension-1)]

            let isValid2 = valid2|>Seq.exists(fun validEnd -> last4.EndsWith( validEnd) )

            if isValid2 then 
                if lengthLastExtension <= 4 then 
                    not( last4.Contains(".") )
                    let last5 = lastExtension.[(lengthLastExtension-1)-4..(lengthLastExtension-1)]
                    let isValid3 = valid3|>Seq.exists(fun validEnd -> last5.EndsWith( validEnd) )

                    if isValid3 then 
                        if lengthLastExtension <= 5 then 
                            not( last5.Contains(".") )
                            let last6 = lastExtension.[(lengthLastExtension-1)-5..(lengthLastExtension-1)]
                            let isValid4 = valid4|>Seq.exists(fun validEnd -> last6.EndsWith( validEnd) )

                            if isValid4 then 
                                not( last6.Contains(".") ) && not(lastExtension.[0..5] = "mailto")

//Create the correct links / -> add the homepage , make then a comparabel Uri
let hrefLinksToUri ( uri:ComparableUri ) (hrefLinks:string list)  = 
    |> List.map( fun link -> try 
                                 if Seq.length link <4 then 
                                    Some(new Uri( uri, link ))
                                    if link.[0..3] = "http" then  
                                        Some(new Uri(link))
                                        Some(new Uri( uri, link ))

                             | _ as ex -> Console.WriteLine(link);
                                          lock error (fun () ->error<-error.Add uri)
    |> List.filter( fun link -> link.IsSome )
    |> List.map( fun o -> o.Value)
    |> List.map( fun uri -> new ComparableUri( string uri ) )

//Treat uri , removing ajax last part , and only following links specified b Benoit
let linksToFollow (hrefUris:ComparableUri list) = 
    |>List.map( treatAjax )
    |>List.filter( fun link -> followHref link )
    |>List.map( fun uri -> new ComparableUri( string uri ) )

let needToVisit uri = 
      ( lock visited (fun () -> not( visited.Contains uri) ) ) && (lock error (fun () -> not( error.Contains uri) ))

let getLinksToFollowAsyncDelay (delay:int) ( uri: ComparableUri )  = 
              let! links = getHtmlPrimitiveAsyncDelay delay uri 

              lock visited (fun () ->visited<-visited.Add uri)

              let linksToFollow = getHref links
                                  |> hrefLinksToUri uri
                                  |> linksToFollow
                                  |> Set.filter( needToVisit )
              return linksToFollow

let getDelay(uri:ComparableUri) (authorityDelay:Dictionary<string,System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch >) = 

    let uriAuthority = uri.Authority
    let hasAuthority,watch = authorityDelay.TryGetValue(uriAuthority)

    if hasAuthority then 
        let elapsed = watch.Elapsed
        let s = TimeSpan(0,0,0,0,500)-elapsed
        if s.TotalMilliseconds < 0.0 then 

        let temp = System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch()

let rec getLinksToFollowFromSetAsync maxIteration  ( uris: seq<ComparableUri> )  = 

    let authorityDelay = Dictionary<string,System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch>()

    if maxIteration = 100 then 
        //Unite by authority add delay for those we same authority others ignore 
        let stopwatch= System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch()
        let newLinks  = uris
                        |> Seq.map(  fun uri -> let delay = lock authorityDelay (fun () -> getDelay uri authorityDelay )
                                                getLinksToFollowAsyncDelay delay uri )
                        |> Async.Parallel
                        |> Async.RunSynchronously
                        |> Seq.concat
        Console.WriteLine("\n\n\n\n\n\n\nTimeElapse : "+string stopwatch.Elapsed+"\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n")

        getLinksToFollowFromSetAsync (maxIteration+1) newLinks

seq[set[ComparableUri( "http://rue89.com/" )]]
|>PSeq.iter(getLinksToFollowFromSetAsync 0 )

    getLinksToFollowFromSetAsync 0 (seq[ComparableUri( "http://twitter.com/" )])


Some feedBack would be great ! Thank you (note this is just something I am doing for fun)

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Please format long snippets of code so they fit in about 50 columns and don't require right-scrolling. –  Brian Jun 11 '10 at 16:54

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I think the culprit is the line do! Async.Sleep(delay * 250) - you gradually wait longer and longer. What is the reason for it?

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You dont want to request to frequently to the same server, otherwise the webmaster will be upset your are using all the servers bandwithch(stackoverflow.com/questions/3021888/asynchronous-crawling-f). Thank you for looking at the code –  jlezard Jun 11 '10 at 16:50
Agree. If you started everything 'at once', then staggered delays would make sense, but if you just finished this one page that sent you back to the same authority, maybe the time has already passed, but now you're waiting N+1 seconds... –  Brian Jun 11 '10 at 16:52
I think you want to use 'one agent per authority' to ensure that you send no more than 1 request per second (or whatever) to that authority. But you need an agent or something else to keep track of the 'last time you sent a request here'. Right now you just say "wait 15s" to send the 15th request there, even if maybe the 14th request was already sent 40s ago. You need to 'start the clock' at the right time. –  Brian Jun 11 '10 at 16:53
If you like, you could also keep a stopwatch of 'time since the program started', and a dictionary of e.g. the 'stopwatch time last sent to this authority', and then sleep for let s = 1-(now-lastTime) in if s>0 then s else 0. –  Brian Jun 11 '10 at 16:57
Right, it looks like you could record a last time you access a particular authority in your authorityDelay map and then sort the lists of url to crawl in that order (so crawl earlier the urls accessed earlier). You can also be smarter here on how you parallelize work - parallelize between different authorities, but crawl urls from the same authority sequentially since you are bound to sleep anyway. –  Mitya Jun 11 '10 at 18:57

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