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I have my environment setup nicely using Scala, StringTemplate within the Google AppEngine. I am having trouble looping through a Map and getting it to display in the template. When I assign a simple List of just Strings to the template it works using:

In Scala Servlet:

  var photos = List[String]()

  //... get photo url and title ...

  photos = photo_url :: photos
  template.setAttribute("photos", photos: _*)

In Template:

  $photos: { photo|
    <div><img src="$photo$_s.jpg"></div>

The above works. However, any attempt of creating a Map using url and title and assigning to the template gives me an error. Here is my attempt, which does not work:

In Scala Servlet:

  var photos = List[Map[String,String]]()

  //... get photo url and title ...

  photos = Map("url" -> url, "title" -> title) :: photos
  template.setAttribute("photos", photos: _*)

In Template:

  $photos: { photo|
    <div><img src="$photo.url$_s.jpg" title="$photo.title$"></div>

This gives me the following error

Class scala.collection.immutable.Map$Map2 has no such attribute: title in template context 

Thoughts / Ideas ?

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Deleted my suggestion--I'm just remarking here that my simple idea of creating case class TitleURL(url: String, title: String) and using that instead of the map does not work. According to Marcus, it generates an error like "Class FlickrTestServlet$TitleURL$2 has no such attribute: title in template context [templates/flickr_template if(photos)_subtemplate anonymous]". – Rex Kerr Jun 11 '10 at 18:19
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Following up on Rex's suggestion, I was able to make it work using a case class with a @BeanProperty annotation for the fields:

case class MyPhoto(@BeanProperty val url: String, @BeanProperty val title: String)

def generateMyPhotos() : String = {
  val tp = new StringTemplate("$photos: { photo|<div><img src=\"$photo.url$_s.jpg\"  title=\"$photo.title$\"></div>}$")
  val photos = List(MyPhoto("", "my photo"))
  tp.setAttribute("photos", photos: _*)

This worked for me (using the scalasti library for StringTemplate, as you probably also already did).

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Awesome, that worked! Thank you!! Yep, I am using scalasti wrapper for StringTemplate. The only thing I had to do was add an import for Bean Property import scala.reflect._ – Marcus Kazmierczak Jun 12 '10 at 4:51

There's a simple alternative, without using additional packages and annotations. Register a scala object adaptor that knows how to retrieve property values from scala objects and scala collections.

This is now included in the StringTemplate FAQ at:

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