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I want to develop a POS application in .NET (C#) that would be used to rent items. I have a good idea of what will be done and the famous question that I have is about the DBMS that I should use. I would like to use MySQL database.

The question is: If some places use only one computer (no network, no internet connection), can I use a MySQL database in local? Do I need to install MySQL server on all thoses computers to be able to use such a database? I know SQLite but I'm not sure if the limitations can cause problems in the future... I also looked at SQLServer Express versions.

(I must consider that other point of sales are using multiple computers and more transactions so there I can't put sqlexpress or sqlite)

So can anybody suggest me what I should do in that situation?


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Would you be centralizing the data from all the local machines at some point? –  John M Jun 11 '10 at 14:54
Why do you think you can't use SQL Express... you will save your self tons of pain and have a much better security model. –  Matthew Whited Jun 11 '10 at 16:55
1- Yes, the data will be centralized in a MySQL database 2- Because Sql Express has some limitations... size max:10gb I think for the 2008 version, I know it's a lot but (maybe?) not enough after several years –  Andrew Smith Jun 11 '10 at 17:15

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You would be able to use MySQL in localhost - and it would need to be installed on each local machine.

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You could use MySQL. If you are sharing a database between several computers you should just be able to install the MySQL client components.

As for which database you want to use, I would highly suggest SQL Express. The security model and tooling is much better. There is nothing stopping you from using SQL Express as a shared database server until you out grow it.

SQL Express Redistribution EULA

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POS systems like Open bravo POS software where special user types and hardware devices support are required.ou can use sharing a database between several computers for using sql.

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