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Is there a description of each of the menu items in the Team menu for Subclipse somewhere?

The are still a number of items that I don't understand.

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Check these two links, maybe you can find some useful stuff there:

Here are the descriptions of some of them, please specify if there's any other one you don't understand.

Synchronize with repository Compare changes on your version with HEAD in a visual way. It shows incoming updates and outgoing files to commit. If you double click any of these files, you get a visual diff of the changes.

Commit - Commit your changes

Create / Apply patch - Create or apply a patch. (how to)

Revert - Revert your changes

Edit conflicts - In case you have conflicts in your project.

Branch/tag/merging items - See Chapter 4 on the book.

Set property / show properties See Properties.

Export - Use svn export on your project (opens file browser to select where).

Show History - Show svn log in a "nice way".

Mark resolved - In case there was a conflict, mark your version as resolved.

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