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what is <%: %> do in asp.net mvc?

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It HTML-encodes the output.

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There was a presentation on MVC 2 where someone (ScottGu?) explained that if you take the equal sign in <%= %> and turn it sideways like you're closing a gate, you get <%: %> XD –  Cogwheel Jun 11 '10 at 15:54
It looks like an open gate to me, e.g., if you swing the closed gate (=) towards yourself 90 degrees. Maybe you're opening the gate to let all the safety in... –  RedFilter Jun 11 '10 at 15:57
Right, so <%: "hello world" %> would be the equivalent of <%= Html.Encode("hello world") %>. Less code. I believe there is also a new MvcHtmlString type which "knows" whether it has already been encoded -- helps to avoid double-encoding. –  Matt Sherman Jun 11 '10 at 16:02

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