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I've got some soapUI tests, that use groovy scripts to first insert some data into a table

Previously, I've been using the following snippet of code to do this :

      def conn = context.dbConnEtopup
      conn.execute( "INSERT INTO A(ID, NAME) VALUES (1, "Johnny")" )

This works fine, however I have many test scripts that now do a similar (if not the same) SQL statements, so I'm trying to approach this by loading it in from a properties file, so my actual SQL statement is only in one place, for easier editing

However, my SQL statement that I'm trying to use is actually 2 inserts(or deletes), so the property being loaded in is :


conn.execute() can't handle the ;, which means I could only use the first DELETE statement

How can I get around this? I don't want to have to load each property separately and execute them. Ideally I just want one property, so I can add further delete statements in the future

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Couldn't you just store them in the properties file with the semicolons, then remove them after reading them, e.g.

String sqlProperty = // read SQL property from file
def statements = sqlProperty.split(";")

// Execute each statment using conn (an instance of groov.sql.Sql?)
statements.each { conn.execute(it);
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That wouldn't work if you have semicolons as data in some text field. –  UT_lol Apr 26 at 16:28

Some JDBC drivers support multiple statements and this functionality will then be available via Groovy's Sql class, e.g. with MySql:

def props = [user: 'myuser', password: 'mypassword', allowMultiQueries: 'true'] as Properties
def url = 'jdbc:mysql://'
def driver = 'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'
def sql = Sql.newInstance(url, props, driver)
sql.execute """
  insert into PERSON (id, firstname, lastname) values (1, 'Dierk', 'Koenig');
  insert into PERSON (id, firstname, lastname) values (2, 'Guillaume', 'Laforge');
  insert into PERSON (id, firstname, lastname) values (3, 'Jon', 'Skeet');
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Sometimes that's not good enough. Check out my solution: Running multiple SQL statements from Groovy

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