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I am trying to open an existing message from my application so that the native email client can display the content of said message, but I cannot find any way to do that. I have found a way to open a newly created message with

       new MessageArguments (MessageArguments.ARG_NEW, "to", "subject", "body"));

But trying to open an existing message triggers an ObjectGroupReadOnlyException.

So, how can I do this? Any suggestions?

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In Blackberry SDK samples you can find a demo app using which you can understand how to read your inbox using your own application

The name of the demo is BlackberryMailDemo

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I was trying to display a message (using the native email app) from a different app. Basically: provide a different inbox view, but when the user selects an email, send him to the native email app with the email opened.

In any case, it is not possible.

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