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i have a notes dropdown field. i need to get its 'options' list to create an array in javascript.

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What's the context? Are you doing this on the client or on a Domino server (i.e. javascript running in the browser?) –  Ken Pespisa Jun 11 '10 at 18:14

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If your dropdown field's value list is being computed in a Domino formula (like a DBColumn or DBLookup), then you can build the javascript array the same way, using an approach like this:

On your form, add the following - all set as pass-through HTML:

var arValues, i;

Add a computed field, set to be pass-through HTML and set with a multi-value separator of newline. Have computed field have a formula something like:

list:=@DBLookup (""; ""; ...)
@if(@iserror(list); ""; ("arValues[i++]='" + list) + '';");

The result should be soemthing written back to the browser like:

var arValues, i;
arValues[i++]='VAL 1';
arValues[i++]='VAL 2';

You could also do this from Javascript client-side instead. Be sure to give the dropdown an ID in Domino (on html tab), then in Javascript, document.getElementById("YOUR_DROPDOWN_ID").options will be an array of objects, each with a "value" and "text" property. Depending on what you need, just use that, or run through the elements, grab each value and build your own new array.

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