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I am working in Vista 64 bit system.

I have a 3rdPartyUsbDriver.sys and 3rdPartyUsbDriver.inf files.

I have made the neccesary changes to the vendor & product IDs in the inf file, to work with my custom hardware. This installs and works in 'Unsigned Driver Test mode' just fine.

I now want to install this driver in 'Normal mode'. I do not care, if it pops up warnings that this driver is from a untrusted source.

What is the easiest way to do this?

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The only way to install the driver on Vista 4 bit is to digitally sign the driver. I think that you need to get the signature here. I'm not 100% sure but the driver might need to pass WHQL as well. WHQL Policies page located here.
If it's possible contact your driver vendor and ask him to do it.

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Turns out I needed to create and sign a 'cat' file based in the .inf and .sys file.

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