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I am looking for c++ code coverage tool which fares well in mutli server setup and on both windows and linux without licensing issues(if non free).

I have done some research and found 2 free tools: Covtool and gcov. Any disadvantages on these or any other suggestions?

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Although I don't remember all the details of my research for code coverage tools, I seem to remember the following about gcov and covtool:

  • They require custom modifications to your build system
  • They need custom compiler flags and/or link steps
  • They both provide minimal output and formatting

We needed support for Windows/Linux and gcc/MSVC and settled on BullseyeCoverage which is commercial and non-free. We estimated that it would cost us more, in money, to change our build system to use the free products than it would to pay for a BullseyeCoverage license. Their support was great and responsive and I was very pleased with the quality of the tool.

Some benefits:

  • Great query support both in command line and GUI form
  • Required no changes to our build system
  • Had minimal impact on both compile time and run time
  • Provides tools to integrate with build bots such as CruiseControl and Hudson
  • Nice GUI for visualization and navigation of coverage results
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AQTime is popular for Delphi/C++Builder users, but like the other recommendation, it is not free.

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Thankyou. Any free C++ code coverage tool reccomendations? –  prattipam Jun 15 '10 at 20:43

The Oovcde program is a free tool that will instrument source files and generate code coverage statistics as well as show which lines were never run. It is fairly transparent meaning that it should be able to be modified for your project.

There is a document describing how it works here. http://oovcde.sourceforge.net/articles/TestCoverage.html

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