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In my class I have this property:

public decimal Percentage

This value is displaying as a decimal. Something like this:


I need to show it something like this:


How can I change to this format in my property?

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Just multiply it by 100.

<%= myObject.Percentage * 100 %>

You can round it to a smaller number of decimal places:

<%= Math.Round(myObject.Percentage * 100, 3) %>

Another way:

<%= string.Format("Percentage is {0:0.0%}", myObject.Percentage) %>
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You can use the "P" format string to add the percent sign. You can create another property to wrap it or just get Percentage and then call ToString.

public decimal Percentage { get; set; }

public string FormattedPercentage 
    get { return Percentage.ToString("P"); }
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