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I'm developing a simple component. My jar structure is:


My dsp file is:

<c:set var="self" value="${requestScope.arg.self}"/>
<span z.type="br.netsoft.zkComponents.Tef" id="${self.uuid}" ${self.outerAttrs}${self.innerAttrs}>
<applet archive="tef.jar" id="tefApplet" code="br.netsoft.applets.tef.TEFProxy" width="0px" height="0px" />

and the language-addon.xml is:


When i try to test this component, appears a pop-up showing : " /js/br/netsoft/zkComponents.js not found"

what is wrong?

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if in ZK 5 , you need widget class

or in 3 , you need to specify the javascript location

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