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So I have two nodes of elements that I'm essentially trying to join. I want the top level node to stay the same but the child nodes to be replaced by those cross referenced.


  <item foo="foo" boo="1"/>
  <item foo="bar" boo="2" />
  <item foo="baz" boo="3"/>
  <item foo="blah boo="4""/>

<list  a="1" b="2">

I want to loop through "list" and cross reference elements in "stuff" for this result:

<list  a="1" b="2">
  <item foo="bar" boo="2" />
  <item foo="baz" boo="3"/>  

I want to do this without having to know about what attributes might be on "list". In other words I don't want to have to explicitly call them out like

attribute a { $list/@a }, attribute b { $list/@b }
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$list1/item[@foo = $list2/item/@foo]

This selects all <item> elements in $list1 the value of whose foo attribute is equal to the foo attribute of one of the <item> elements in $list2.

In order to copy all attributes of the <list> element, do something like this:

  for $attr in /whateverIsthePathLeadingToList/list/@*
      attibute {name($attr)} {$attr}
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for $list in //list return The @* was the big piece I was missing <list>{ $list/@* , OTHER STUFF } </list> – mbrevoort Jun 11 '10 at 22:02

Slightly simplier ... to create a new object from an existing one, but without its children only attributes

assume :

let $old_list :=

This creates a new list copying its attributes

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