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I heard some time that encryption and cipher are not the same thing, if so, what's the difference?

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You might take a look at this article on the difference between Encryption and Cryptography. It also addresses the definition of cipher in the process.

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a cipher is a method (algorithm) used for encryption of some text. But english speakers have that habit of making verbs from nouns... hence ciphering became a synonym of encrypting.

Now, the fun part. If you consider decrypt and decipher, now they have different meanings.

  • decrypt means applying the decryption key to some code
  • decipher means finding the meaning of some text that was not deliberately encrypted.

In France (I'm french) we also have funny confusion with similar words. We have "chiffrer" (very similar to "cipher") that is the correct word and means encrypt, but we also use the verb "crypter" that means the same thing but is considered as an anglicism (verb built from english "crypted"). When we go for the opposite words "décrypter" and "dechiffrer" we also have different meanings but not like the english ones... "déchiffrer" means the same that both english words decrypt and decipher depending on the case, but "décrypter" is used when you try to get the clear text without the code (it means breaking the code). I believe there is no english word that means that.

Looking at my answer, I wonder if things were not clearer before it.... natural language is definitely some kind of encryption.

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Verbing nouns werids language. – Justin R. Jun 11 '10 at 21:06
Well you can say decipher means finding the meaning of some text that was not deliberately encrypted, but decipher meant much earlier to revert a numerical representation of a text where the numric representation was intrinsically hiding the text. This much earlier than cryptology would became a sicence. So much ago we use decipher as a synonum of 'understanding' the meaning of something, but above all it means the exact same as decrypt, but, strictly speaking, from a numeric encoding. – user1708042 Mar 21 '14 at 13:22
Really ? I believe 'much earlier' also means that the word was not the english word 'decipher' but another word in another older language, like greek for instance. In (ancient) greek letters are also used for numbers. I do not believe (ancient) greek has two different words for our modern concepts. I believe the english and french words are results of exchanges in both ways between these two languages, but I have no etymological reference under hand to support my claim. – kriss Mar 21 '14 at 16:03

A cipher is an algorithm of encryption. Ex. substitution cipher, permutation cipher, etc.

Encryption is just the process of obfuscating information.

So in a simplistic sense of the idea, you use a cipher to encrypt stuff. :)

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