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How are paths determined on a remote machines?

I have been assigned a network loaction. Let's call it \wassup\test1

I assume that wassup is the ame of the computer. The question I have is this. How can I determine what the local path from the point of view of the remote machine would be for "test1". For example, how would I know if it is c:\test1 or d:\test1 ?

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You cannot know this from the client. Take a related example: which local path on the server does the below link point to?


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Exactly. And to go one step further, the local path doesn't even have to be on the server - it could be on a total different computer. There's no way to determine that from the outside. –  humbagumba Jun 11 '10 at 22:03

You can't. The remote machine might be an OS that doesn't even use drive labels like that.

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In a general case, you can't. The remote admin should be able to conceal it ... except in the obvious case of the ill-named "administrative shares" in Win (i.e. c$, d$, etc).

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