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I am trying to code a function for a camera that orbits a point. Assume a 3d coordinate plane where Z is up. Ignore Z.

Let's say the camera's position starts at (0, 0, z). The object to orbit is at, say (50, 50, z). So we have a distance of ~70 units. Calling the function with {(50, 50, z), 70, x} where x is the position in orbit, in radians, should return where the position of the camera should be.

I believe this involves cos and tan but my trig isn't that great...

point3d getCameraPosition(point3d objectPosition, float distance, float rotationRadians)
    // ???
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return position + Point(distance*cos(angle), distance*sin(angle))
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Since his points are 3d, you should probably add , 0 at the end, before the closing parenthesis. – rlbond Jun 11 '10 at 22:12

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