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I have an array whose elements are name, reversed_name, first_initial and second_initial. A typical row is "Aaron Smith", "Smith, Aaron", "a", "s". Each row in the array has a first_initial or second_initial value of "a".

I need to display the rows alphabetically but based on the "a" part, so that either the name or reversed_name will be displayed. An example output would be:

  • Aaron Smith
  • Abbot, Paul
  • Adrian Jones
  • Anita Thompson
  • Atherton, Susan

I really have no idea how to sort the array this way so any help will be much appreciated!

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Why would you do this instead of letting the user be able to sort by first or last name? – Entendu Jun 12 '10 at 0:19

If you have a custom sort criteria, use usort

function Sorter($e1, $e2)
    return strcmp($e1['first_initial'], $e2['first_initial']);

usort($array, "Sorter");

strcmp is a convenient function for comparing strings and returning the proper int codes used in sorting.

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