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I am using JanRain OpenID Library PHP. I am trying out the consumer example in /example/consumer. Services like Google (or Yahoo) are not working, while other's like myopenid.com, blogger are working.

My PHPinfo says that cURL and OpenSSL is enabled. Note that I also tried using LightOpenID Library (gitorious.org/lightopenid) which works with Google. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on server with php safe_mode On, it requires cURL. So I cannot use on all servers.

JanRain's Library works on the server but not with Google.

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possible duplicate of Janrain's PHP-OpenID and Google/Yahoo – Dan McGrath Jun 12 '10 at 0:52

You say that you have cURL, so dependency on it shouldn't be a problem.

LightOpenID will work in safe_mode if you comment this line(at least it works for me). It won't follow Location http header then, but I don't know any server which uses it.

Anyway, safe_mode is deprecated, so you should avoid servers where it's enabled.

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