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i really need a code sample to automate starting Django development webserver "python runserver" in a .bat file in windows . I have python26 and django 1.1.1 in installed


i meant by automate is clicking on the .bat file and the Django development webserver start up and i have no batch file scripting knowledge will love to get a code sample

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You can write a .bat file containing:

cd <location of your django project>
<location of python.exe> runserver

I believe that should suffice.

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yes but i have no batch file scripting knowledge – Spikie Jun 12 '10 at 1:59
hi miguel i will really love to have a code example – Spikie Jun 12 '10 at 2:30
The code is just like that... all you have to do is replace what's inside the <>s. Location of python.exe should be something like "C:\Program Files\Python\python-2.6.1\python.exe" but will depend on your installation. Similarly, django project location is the folder where your django project is. – Miguel Ventura Jun 12 '10 at 13:56

As Miguel said, you can write the below lines:

cd <location of your django project>

<location of python.exe> runserver

in a file and save it as somefilename.bat, thats it. Now, its a batch file and clicking on it would execute it i.e. your runserver command.

What do you mean by batch file scripting?

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Miguel and Ankit already answered you. I just followed it and it worked. Here is my complete offeronline.bat

cd user\shumon\offeronline runserver

My Django project and python files are in the D drive.

  • D: changes the current directory to D
  • the next command cd ... changes the current directory to the exact location of the project.
  • runserver runs the server.
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