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Have you implemented Apache Mahout recommendation engine? any advices you can share? any other sites you know that use Mahout?


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You will get the best information about Mahout on the Mahout user mailing lists:

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+1 like Ted says, posting about what you're trying to do on that list should get you a lot of pointers to how to think about it. Mahout isn't one thing but a framework and collection of processes, so, advice will go a long way to making the right sense of it. I know of several private projects using it, one big news site which can't be named, and I know Mippin uses it too. – Sean Owen Jun 14 '10 at 21:25

The most useful brief, single page for me was the Mahout First-Timer FAQ. Based on what was written there, I decided to start with a non-distributed recommender instead of leaping into one of the Hadoop-based ones.

I also recommend the book Mahout in Action, which helped me a lot. Whether it's worth buying or not is discussed in this question, but it seems to get pretty positive reviews from most people (which I agree with).

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