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Related Question:
On Windows, can we put different folders in 1 Git or Mercurial (hg) repository?

On Windows, can we put different folders in 1 SVN repository?

Such as putting

c:\software projects\ruby
c:\js test

all in 1 SVN repository called code ?

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Yes you could. As a svn repository is just a directory structure you could one by one upload them like this. Later you can checkout the whole trunk.


But as I said in the other question about git and hg, you can better keep logical different things separated! And things that are the same, in the same directory structure.

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Yes, if you first create the directory structure like Peter Smit wrote, you can check out the individual subdirectories where you want them.

C:\>svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/code/trunk/ror

C:\software projects>svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/code/trunk/ruby

C:\>svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/code/trunk/js_test

D:\>svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/code/trunk/peter_website

Then you can delete the working copy where you had http://yoursvnserver/repos/code/trunk checked out if you want.

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