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When i use GData API in my app for parsing xml,how could i get attributes and it's value? Wanted a piece of example code.Thanks a lot. xml:

   <playurls><url islive="0" type="3" bit_stream="1">http://vods.netitv.com//dy2/2010/02/08/cf584b76-3579-4b75-a0c8-f7a473d79f8c.mp4
    </url><url islive="0" type="3" bit_stream="2">http://vods.netitv.com//dy/2010/02/08/965bbc65-8ec0-4c50-98ae-c69a831926cc.mp4
    </url><url islive="0" type="2" bit_stream="1">http://vods.netitv.com//dy2/2010/02/08/cf584b76-3579-4b75-a0c8-f7a473d79f8c.mp4
    </url><url islive="0" type="2" bit_stream="2">http://vods.netitv.com//dy/2010/02/08/965bbc65-8ec0-4c50-98ae-c69a831926cc.mp4
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I have solved it – ben Jun 17 '10 at 1:40
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 NSInteger type=[[(GDataXMLNode *)[[urls objectAtIndex:i] attributeForName:@"type"] stringValue] intValue];
 NSInteger bit_stream=[[(GDataXMLNode *)[[urls objectAtIndex:i]attributeForName:@"bit_stream"] stringValue] intValue];
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I got it,It must be like this – ben Jun 22 '10 at 0:35

Google have provided quite a lot of sample code that shows how to use their API. Depending of which protocol you use, you should be able to get the samples from the API Directory.

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I guess these help some but am sure there are many like me that find examples like these bloated with so much content it proves near impossible for a less experienced coder to get to grips with. I dont see why those at google (other API suppliers too) dont offer more clear clean basic examples? Apple too are guilty of this. – user7865437 Sep 13 '11 at 7:31

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