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I'm trying to get authenticated for receiving and publishing Google Buzz-es from a Qt 4.6(c++) application. I'm looking for a cross-platform solution.

Could anyone provide some working solution for this purpose?

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You can also try kQOAuth which is a new Qt library for doing OAuth authentication. It will let you do the user authentication very easily too, if you like.

Supports OAuth 1.0 and HMAC-SHA1. No external dependencies.


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Google's API currently uses OAuth 2.0. Does kQOAuth still work? –  Phlucious Oct 4 '13 at 21:39

I couldn't find any either, so I made one: https://github.com/pipacs/steps/tree/master/o2 . Based on KQOAuth, tested with Google Docs.

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Quick google search gave me QOAuth, which is a Qt lib and liboath which is a C based API.

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I've tried with QOAuth, but I get always rejected, because of endless parameters for each token, which can't be sent with this lib. about liboauth - it can't be embed in Maemo devices. I'm looking for a big cross-platform solution. –  Vladimiroff Jun 12 '10 at 13:55

I'm using QOAuth, you have to do some hack before you can use QOAuth in windows.

So far, I could get the request token from Google, and let the user authorize it. But when I try to get the access token with the oauth_verifier, it keeps telling me the signature is invalid.

Anyway, I've used QOAuth to deal with other SP successfully. So the QOAuth is the solution.

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Yeah, I'm in conversation with the QOAuth developer, who's trying to do everything to make it working with google api, and I'm to the same place... it doesn't recognize my oauth_vertifier, for some reason –  Vladimiroff Jun 25 '10 at 13:05

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