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I am trying to redirect visitors to a site based on their referring url.

Here is the script:

echo $referrer;
if (preg_match("/$domain/",$referrer)) {
 } else {

Errors: I get a "Warning: cannot modify header" error because I am echoing $referrer before sending headers.

If I remove the echo the script does not work.

Any suggestions?

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In what way does it not work as expected? – Gumbo Jun 12 '10 at 13:57

Just as a note: Any output will auto-generate headers. If you want to redirect with headers you just need to comment out echo $referrer; If you need to see what referrer is going to which site for debugging purposes, just put it in the URL, the receiving page should ignore it.

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PHP is sending headers to the user requesting the page when you echo $referrer. The header function you are then calling attempts to modify these headers and affix a location redirect but cannot as the headers have already been sent along with the start of your page content.

To get around this problem, take a look at PHP's Output Control functions, especially ob_start(); which inserted at the top of your script should allow you to continue echoing the redirect location and allowing you to redirect at the same time.

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