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I have a web app, I want to define my index.jsp file to be shown when the entered url is like:


but if any other url is entered, like:


I want a particular servlet to handle the request. In my web.xml file, I am doing this:


so that is letting the ServletCore servlet pick up any url, but as expected it is taking over even the:


type urls. How can I define it in such a way to work how I want?

Thank you

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The url-pattern of /* listens on every request URL. Rather put an <error-page> entry in web.xml which listens on HTTP status code 404 (Not Found).


And then obviously map the servlet on an url-pattern of /error or whatever you like as long as the <location> matches this.

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Just make sure your webapp run as ROOT by naming your app directory as webapps/ROOT or use ROOT.war.

Then add this to your web.xml,

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The problem is that the servlet will take the entire root namespace. To stop it doint that, move it into a subfolder, then you can get what you want, e.g.


You can then unify the two namespaces (the root and the core/ subdir) using apache rewrite rules. Or using a redirect filter, that dispatches the request to the appropriate url using a mapping table. This would map

  index.jsp -> index.jsp
  everything else -> core/$1

So that requests to index.jsp go there, and all other requests go do the servlet.

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