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What are (based on experiences) best (commercial or open source) libraries for developing NCPDP-based systems?

Background: NCPDP (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs) is a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited, standards development organization. One of it's standards is the SCRIPT Standard for Electronic Prescribing, which allows PHARMACY, PRESCRIBER (i.e. Physician) and PAYERS (patient or more often insurer) communicate. So the SCRIPT standard is about data transmission.

Problem: One step in implementing such systems is to develop models for data based on SCRIPT standard. These models should have utilities for serializing/deserializing to/from SCRIPT binary format and SCRIPT XML format (there are two distinct formats here; both must be supported). Here rises the problem (for me at least). To develop this subsystem for handling the model, implementing serializing and deserializing facilities and keep it uptodate with the SCRIPT standard specifications is a lot of work; it needs it's own team and team management issues (to support a standard implementation).

So I am looking for a solution to this problem; to keep standard implementation out of the way and focusing on main problems.

Thanks to all

(Thank you Freiheit for your hints!)

Edit 2: Thanks to all for help! NCPDP (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs) is an standard for e-prescribing. It defines two formats for message transmission: binary and XML. Implementing XML is somehow easier because it is a standard format which in turn gives us more tooling options. The binary format has a very big specification and time-consuming to implement.

I did not find an open source solution to work with. So I am looking for commercial alternatives.

Edit 1: Please guide me; what's wrong with this question?

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What's wrong with my question? –  Kaveh Shahbazian Jun 13 '10 at 0:03
@Kaveh Shahbazian - NCPDP isn't a very common programming acronym at all. Are you referring to the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs? Since that's all I could find. –  Matchu Jun 13 '10 at 0:12
@Kaveh: I didn't downvote but perhaps you can enhance your question by editing it to explain what a "NCPDP-based system" is, along with examples of any libraries you're aware of or have used. If you have used any explain what they were lacking and what you're looking for. –  Ahmad Mageed Jun 13 '10 at 0:13
@Kaveh - I did not downvote, but my guess is that it is a combination for the following: 1) poorly chosen tags, 2) use of an unexplained acronym NCPDP, 3) calls for value judgment, 4) the chances of an SO reader having experience with multiple commercial NCPCP systems is vanishly small. –  Stephen C Jun 13 '10 at 0:17
Bumped back up to 0 for effort to correct. Rather than asking about specific libraries and their merits, perhaps restating the question and providing background info. NCPDP is ???? Where can we find a description of the XML format?? What do you want to accomplish with it?? Create messages? Read messages? Simply route messages? Finally don't rule out opensource, state the question as a question. You need a library to help, it doesn't seem like you care if its open or commercial so leave that part open. State the goals or the means, but not both. :D –  Freiheit Jun 13 '10 at 1:31

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Ok, time for an actual answer.

The Mirth project has some support for NCPDP, more likely as XML than as binary, but still some support: http://mirthproject.org. You'd want to use Mirth Connect to get NCPDP data and map it into your application or database.

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