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On my Mac I installed Eclipse, the SDK and created a new project, then hit build expecting to see my first helloworld app.

I got the error "the project cannot be built until build path errors are fixed".

After going thru all the path-like options in Preferences, I noticed that on the tab "Java Build Path" the "Google APIs [Android 2.2]" option did not have its check box checked.

Checking it made the problem go away.

It works now and I can see the app in the Emulator

Have I not set up my environment correctly? I used all the defaults in Eclipse and the Android SDK.

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"the project cannot be built until build path errors are fixed". I used to get this error too. But its an eclipse bug than an error in the code. –  primpap Jun 13 '10 at 1:25

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On the Eclipse menu: Project->Clean, then clean you project.

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Check off the Java Build Path for all boxes.

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