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I only want the text-shadow to be on the hover state.

Cufon.replace('.headerright', {hover: true,'fontFamily' : 'League Gothic',textShadow:'0px 1px #cccccc'});
.headerright{text-transform:uppercase; font-size:76px;color:#CD7674;}
.headerright a:hover{color:#444444;}
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Sorry, I've never used cufon, but I think it's now better to start using the @font-face and shadows as part of CSS3... Paul Irish published a bullet proof method that even works with IE (paulirish.com/2009/bulletproof-font-face-implementation-syntax) –  Mottie Jun 13 '10 at 0:32
Thanks fudgey, will start testing that approach tomorrow, very interesting! –  Danjah Jul 19 '11 at 12:51

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Your code is defining textShadow from the get-go rather than for the hover event.

Looking at http://wiki.github.com/sorccu/cufon/styling, this should work for you:

Cufon.replace('.headerright', {
    'fontFamily': 'League Gothic',
    hover: {
        textShadow: '0px 1px #cccccc'
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Cufon.replace('.menu_item', {fontFamily: 'museo700_regular',hover: {textShadow: '0px 1px #fff'},textShadow:'0px 1px #fff', hover:true});
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